The Firm

The Firm

Togue's Legal Services offers personalized advice. Our firm serves any inquiry or question of the legal field.

We provide customers with multi – service legal advice which incorporates most of the legal disciplines: civil, criminal, commercial and labour, so that our clients legal needs are serviced in one spot.

Transparency and permanent information to the customer are our hallmarks. We defend the objectives and interests of our clients both in the legal field, as well, if this suits them through mediation, with an eye toward a possible resolution of the conflict of out-of-court.

Perform our services depending on what order the client, preparing budgets with a very closed and agreed beforehand by the parties.

We offer our customers all kinds of payment facilities, adapting to their needs and circumstances specific.

Our offices are located in central Pintor Casanova street number 16, in a beautiful building of historic heritage of the city and near the main municipal buildings of reference as the same town hall of the city or the registration of the property office of Alcoi.